Sunday, 5 May 2013

This video is presented in our Instructional Technologies class. This video is titled ' Things NOT TO DO in Mosque and Surau' and is targeted to all Muslims who are going to the mosque and surau. As a Muslim, we have to behave ourselves in mosque and surau because those places are called as Allah's house. May you all can take the positive values and enjoy from this video and sorry for any mistakes and weaknesses that come from us.

Instead of video, my friends and I also have to make a poster. The poster must be a good poster which is encourage people to the good way and has good moral values. We have to use Adobe Photoshop in order to make our poster. Below is, taraaaaaa!  Here is our poster! So my beloved friends, what are your comments?? See, we emphasize about respect. Respect the older people and love the younger and we can have bliss life. InshaAllah!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Over the past several decades, internet technologies such as e-mail and course management systems have emerged as the common tools for enhancing the learning process in most higher education disciplines. Educators and learners had the collaboration and shared information that emerging technologies such as wikis, social networks and the most popular is blog.
 According to the dictionary, pedagogy means the activities of educating or instructing that impart knowledge and skill together with arts and sciences. This is means that pedagogy is the one of teaching method that combines the logical and creative part of teaching.
Hence, blog is one of the best approaching of teaching method that can be used by the educators. This is because, through the blog, people may discover many things. For examples, we can share thoughts, concepts, experiences and knowledge. Moreover, in blog we can read and analyze new knowledge and skills. Below are the features and characteristics of making blog that can improve the creativity and ideas of the students:

Banner is important for the blog. This is because the presence of banner, it is like give the reader some introduction to your blog. For banner, you just give some beautiful graphic or image that can express what you blog is about and what is your blog theme. But, you may add some words if you like but not too much because this is just for an introduction to your blog only.

Every people have their own ideas and creativity. By putting some pictures in your blog, it is like you create and design some scene that can beautify your blog. Not just make your blog attractive and interesting, but through attachment of photographs we can express our feelings, experiences, concepts and any else. Here, you will give the reader new knowledge and clear view about your post in your blog. We can add photos to the blog post by clicking on the image icon in the post editor toolbar then your pictures will then hosted in your free Picasa Web Albums account.

You also can put video in your blog. Video also can give the reader clear view about certain topic just like the pictures, but video is more interesting because it is like a moving picture that can catch attraction of people to watch it. Besides that, video can give the reader better understanding than pictures. This is because video is used to teach people like a live and real situation. For example, to teach people about how to make a curry chicken might be easy and clear if people were taught by someone because it is like we can be guide. Adding a video to your post is very easy, you just click on the fill strip icon on the post editor toolbar to get started.

Audio is also can put in the blog. However, we cannot add it automatically because we need to embed it into html format. Here, readers may get information about something via listening to sound, talk, speaking and so much more. In addition, to make your blog more interesting, you can put a music or other sources of entertainment to get attention of reader.

In blog, readers can leave you responds to your posts so that you can start to see who is interested in the same areas as you or as an open conversation between you and readers. Might be they can give you positive and negative feedback. If there is negative feedback, we can edit the wrong one or weaknesses in your post. People can comments as much as they want but blog is not like a Facebook or Twitter, because blog does not have any notification and sometimes we could not realize the responds of the reader. 

Widgets are small scripts or applets that can be built into your blog, giving it extra functionality. You can add them to your blog through the "Layout" tab. This will show you a mockup of your blog's layout. In various sections, you'll have the option to "add a gadget." "Gadget" is Google's term for its own in-house widgets. They have plenty of very useful ones, including gadgets that will let readers translate your blog into other languages, display recent posts from Twitter feeds, show you the most popular posts, and create a slideshow of photos. Besides, you can also add third party widgets. The "add a gadget" dialog has an "Add your own" option, which allows you to input the URL of any custom widget designed for use with Blogger. By adding some widgets, it makes your blog nicer.

Every post and every category has its own individual address, forever! This means that you can refer to them in articles, emails, newsletters and so on in the knowledge that they will always be found. Another great features for the Search Engines. Hence, people will get wider knowledge and sometimes another blogger also can share the topic that you had written.

By using this blog, you can gather information from everyone in your faculty or institute, for instance, you can collect pre and post conference views from the participants. If you are into research, you can create a blog and collect information from the research participants or experts. The best feature of blogs is archiving that allows storing information for each month. Hence, readers can always revise and preview over and over again. So, everyone will enjoy your works and what you had share will always continuous and do not forgotten.   
However, instead of it benefits, blog also have some weaknesses. For example, no PHP support. Blogger comes with HTML and CSS but does not support PHP which is well known as most developed computer language. With PHP we are able to create great things which can give our blogs an enhanced and unique looks. If blogger introduces PHP it would be great and can attract many bloggers towards it who were using other platform. Besides that, in blog we are unable to upload files other than photo and videos such as mp3, exe, rar, jar and etc. If you want to upload them in blog, you have to upload it to some other free upload server such as rapidshare.
As a conclusion, for me blog has many benefits and advantages. Blog can be used as the one of the educational approaching towards the students in order to get new knowledge and information. By using blog, the information is remain exist and students can revise always, and of course it is not boring like journal, text books and so on. Hopefully, this approach can be used widely in Malaysia by the teachers and lecturers so that everyone can get benefits from it. People say, a picture can express thousand of words. So, here I put an image that can tell you how blog is very useful.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Three Learning Theories and How It Can Be Applied In Teaching?

Today, I want to talk about L.E.A.R.N.I.N.G. What that words means? Why life as a student never escaped from learning? Actually, do we realize or not that everyday and every time we are learning. We are learning through our experiences and our senses too! Learning is a process to gain our knowledge in order to success in our life.The focus on process obviously takes us into the realm of learning theories. 

There are three learning theories which are :


What is the behaviorism? Behaviourism focuses on a new behavioral pattern that is being repeated until it becomes alert and catch the main points. Some major player in the development of the behaviorist theory were Pavlov, Bloom and Skinner. The theory of behaviorism concentrates on the study of overt behaviors that can be measured and observed. It views mind as a 'black box' in the sense that response to the stimulus.


The major player in this theory is Piaget. In cognitivitism, it views learning as involving the acquisition or reorganization of the cognitive structures through which humans process and store information. Ant, it also believes that Knowledge systems of cognitive structures are actively constructed by learners based on existing structures.


Constructivism views knowledge is socially constructed. Constructivists believe that learners should construct their own reality or interpret based upon their perceptions of experiences. Constructivism focuses on preparing the learner to problem solve in hard and tough situations. Some of the constructivists are Kuhn, Bruner and John Dewey.

How these theories can be applied in teaching process?

In behaviourism theory, what a teacher should do is instructing a good and comfort designs for learning environment. Besides that, teacher also should shapes children's behaviour by positive and negative reinforcement. For example, teacher can gives reward to the student who get good grade and give punishment to the students who has bad behaviour in school. In addition, teacher can presents the information and students will demonstrate it as they were understand the materials and teacher can assess students through  testing.

For the cognitivitism theory, teacher  need to provide opportunities for students to connect with the new information to the schema. Besides, teacher can gives problem solving and also structured search activities to the students. For example like in Mathematics subject, teacher can give more exercises on the topics so that the students will always remember the technique to solve the problems.

In constructivism theory, educator can rely heavily on open-ended questions and promote extensive dialogue among students. Teacher should encourages students to have critical thinking through analyze, interpret, and predict information. 

Friday, 8 March 2013

Welcome! Selamat Datang! Ahlan wa Sahlan! Here is my blog. My name is Nurul Farah Amalina Binti Zulkurnain. I am student from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) or also known as UIAM. Currently, I am taking Bachelor Of Education in Guidance and Counseling. Might be I will graduated three years more and absolutely I cannot wait to become a teacher. This is because, since I was small I really want to be a teacher. Since I am in this course, I will make sure that my students will success in their life and can achieve what they want.
I was born in Kuala Lipis, Pahang. My birthday is on 26 November 1992. My father was a teacher and my mother is a housewife. I am the eldest in four siblings. What I want in my life is give happiness to my family first than me.  This blog is for the Instructional Technology course. I hope you all enjoy read in my blog here. And, thanks for spend your time here! :)